In 2012, after several years of development, the Links Curriculum was released by STAR Support to provide a comprehensive, evidence-based curriculum which meets the needs of secondary students.

STAR Support was created in 2004 to assist school districts and programs in implementing the STAR Program and the FACTER Program to meet the educational needs of students with autism and other developmental disabilities.

STAR Support provides workshops, training and support to school districts and programs
to implement evidence-based strategies for students with special needs. STAR Support has consulted with over 100 school districts and agencies across the United States, Canada and Europe. We have worked collaboratively with school districts, private agencies, parents and the broader community to implement successful programs for students with autism. We have assisted in the development of over 80 Model Training sites throughout the United States, Canada and Holland.

All STAR Support consultants/trainers have extensive experience in the implementation and design of evidence-based strategies for working with students with autism and other developmental disabilities. Consultants have worked as classroom teachers, autism consultants, administrators and home-based service providers.

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