The Links Curriculum is designed to connect assessment and instruction to promote student independence in natural environments. It is a comprehensive program using evidence-based instructional strategies appropriate for students with autism and other developmental disabilities at the upper elementary, middle, high school and post-secondary levels. Links Online allows users to identify appropriate content for assessment and instruction through an online planning process.

Links Curriculum includes:

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•47 school and community routines
•139 lessons emphasizing expressive and receptive communication, functional academics, social behavior and communication, and engaging in diverse activities
•47 visual sequence strips highlighting essential Links routine steps
•Links implementation and instructional Guides
•Data collection forms (with examples)
•IEP Goals and Objectives for all Links Lessons and Routines
•Interactive web-based assessment and tracking system
•Student reports and progress monitoring
•Administrator View
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Some Testimonials from our Pilot Study Participants:

“This is an incredible curriculum and online system! It clarifies and simplifies the process of teaching functional routines! It provides structure, data management, prompt guidance and instructional support. Links has already impacted the way I perceive teaching and assessing routines!”
“It gives teachers incredible structure.”
“Links provides teachers with ideas and support for how to best assess and collect data on behavior within the context of routines.”
“The process reflects the natural education cycle of selection, assessment, instruction, assessment, evaluation of results.”