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Links Check-In Call Details
  •   I have already added Links routines to my student's profiles.
      I would like help getting started with adding routines.
  •   How do I build a standard routine (a routine that is already on Links)?
      How do I build a custom routine (a routine that is not already on Links)?
      How do I take data and enter data into the system for my routines?
      Where do I find the visuals to use alongside my routines/lessons?
      How to I find the Links lessons that are connected to my routines?
      Where do I locate all of the reports?
  •   What visuals and environmental supports will best support my routines?
      How often should I take routine data?
      When working on Links lessons, how do I introduce new skills and what do I do when a student makes an error?
      How can I best get started using Links routines and lessons with all of the students in my classroom?
      What does Links looks like in action with my higher functioning students?