New Features Now Available!

An updated release of the Links Curriculum is now available.  This release includes a number of additional features.  A review of several of the more prominent additions can be found below and a short overview video with demonstration can be found at the bottom of this page or by clicking here.  If you have any questions about the new features or the Links Curriculum in general please don’t hesitate to contact us!

Custom Routines

Links Curriculum users now have the ability to create new routines and customize routines in 3 new ways:

  1. Create a new routine: In addition to the 47 standard, pre-written routines, you can write your own classroom routines. This feature allows you to select the number of steps, determine the expected student behavior, and create the cue for each of the 4 cue types.  These new routines are available for use by all students in your classroom.  Also, identified administrators can create “district-wide routines”, which are new routines that can be accessed across all classrooms in the district.
  2. Copy and change a standard routine: For any of the 47 standard routines, you can copy the routine. This allows you to modify the routine, such as renaming the routine, changing the order the steps appear in, adding/deleting steps, or changing the text of existing steps. For example, if you were to copy the “Eating at a Fast Food Restaurant” routine, you could change the name to match a specific restaurant, and rearrange the order the steps are listed in depending on how the routine happens at that particular restaurant. You can create multiple copies of this routine to reflect each restaurant you visit.  Again, these routines are available use by all students in your classroom.
  3. Copy and change a custom routine:Once you design a custom routine, you can copy that routine and modify it. For example, if you create a new routine called “Specials”, to reflect the various Specials your students participate in at school, you could copy this routine and rename it “Art” or “Woodshop” to specify which special it was. You could then add/delete steps, or reorder steps, as well.

New Page Layout

When developing an Observed Routine Assessment (ORA), the page layout has been reorganized. The Cues are now on the left-hand side of the page, and the Expected Student Behavior on the right-hand side. This new format aligns with your instruction, where you present the cue first in order to get the expected student response.

More Visuals

We have expanded the visuals available to you. When you click on the “Visuals” tab, under Routines there are now more options for Routine Booklets, as well as VizZleGrams. We will continue to add to this list each month!